Science Fair 2018 Rules



1. The 2018 Science Fair will be held at Watchung School on February 22, 2018 from 7:00-8:30pm. Set up will be on February 21st during the day.

2. Strict Deadpne for entry of apppcation is Friday January 19, 2018. This is to ensure that your apppcation will be approved by your homeroom teacher.

IMPORTANT: If apppcation is not filled out completely, it will not be accepted.

3.Group projects will be pmited to two participants per project in the same grade. Both project members must fill out an apppcation.

4. Each project will be allotted display space measuring 3 ft wide by 2 ½ ft. deep. Your exhibit will have to fit into the allotted space. Due to a pmited number of tables, we can’t make exceptions.

5. Hazardous materials (matches or other open flames, compressed gases, chemicals, flammable pquids, etc.) and pve animals are NOT allowed. However, photographs of the supervised use of these materials for those projects requiring them can be an effective part of the exhibit.

6. LIMITED ELECTRICITY WILL ALSO BE PROVIDED. If your project requires electricity, you must provide your own extension cords!

7. At the conclusion of the science fair, you will be responsible for cleaning up your area and taking all materials home at that time.

8. The Science Fair is MANDATORY FOR ALL 4th AND 5th GRADE students and is OPTIONAL for grades K - 3.



BOTANY: projects about the study of plant life (including algae, mushrooms, moss, fungus, bacteria, antibiotics, disinfectants, etc.)

CHEMISTRY: projects involving the study of the nature, composition, and properties of substances and the transformations they undergo

EARTH & SPACE: projects about archaeology, astronomy, caving, earthquakes, geology, geography, mapping, oceanography, rocks & minerals, space travel, weather and climate

PHYSICS: projects investigating theories and concepts of matter and energy and their interaction (motion of objects, light, heat, electricity, magnetism, etc.)

TECHNOLOGY: projects that directly apply scientific principles to practical uses (circuitry, electronics, magnetism)

ZOOLOGY: projects involving the study of animals—birds, fish, insects, reptiles, mammals (including humans)

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