Fourth Grade

Virtual Reality 101

Do you enjoy going on class field trips, but don't like long bus rides? Well in Virtual Reality 101 we will be traveling all around the world and you do not even need a permission slip or a passport. First you will assemble your own pair of cardboard virtual reality goggles. Once your goggles are set our adventure begins. We will travel to national parks, historical sites, coral reefs, a many more exciting places.


"STITCHES" is a sewing class that focuses on student individuality and expression through creating clothing. Students will learn proper sewing habits and the effective use of sewing tools. Students will be inspired to experience the joy of sewing and the satisfaction of wearing one's vision.

By Design

This group will focus on elements and principles of art and design to meet any design challenges that arise. Each semester will take on one school prominent project that will add to the beautification of Watchung. We will also work on daily sketchbooks, inspirations and how to translate those simple ideas into large scale projects. We will be walking thru the creative process together from a simple inspiration to large scale projects that will benefit the whole school. We will look at some Art Historical references as well such as murals and architecture, while we hone our skills as designers.

Houston, We have a Problem

“I don’t care about what anything was designed to do, I care about what it can do.” (Gene Kranz NASA quote) Students will solve problems using unconventional methods and tools. Through group participation and creative strategies, students will be challenged to find solutions or create models to given situations.

Broadcast Studio

Lights, camera, action! This course provides a hands-on approach to broadcasting and allows students to explore the studio aspects of writing, editing, performance, design and production. Students will learn how to use the broadcasting equipment, including the cameras, teleprompter and tricaster. Students taking this course will run our morning broadcast show “Wake Up Watchung”!

Coach’s Corner

It is exciting to see students gain an understanding of how math, science and engineering are all part of PE! Students participating in an iPad component of STEAM, allows them to add a technology piece into PE. Students can use iPads to read QR codes, create mind-maps to illustrate the connections between PE (the physical arts), science, technology, engineering, and math, calculate target heart rate, and create design ideas for a new gym.

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

Come solve mysteries with the greatest detective of all time. Sherlock Holmes. Discover the world of Victorian England with its horse drawn carriages and gas lit streets. Students will learn about early crime detection thru the writings of Dr. Watson and his partnership with Holmes. The course will investigate movies and actual antiques from this fascinating period. “The Game Is Afoot”!

What's the News?!

Have you ever been curious about what things are going on around Watchung School, the Montclair Community, and even the world?! In this class we will work to put together a Watchung magazine. You will take on the role of reporter, designer, editor, and business manager as we create our magazine. We will also work together to decide what information is included in our magazine, how the layout should look, how much to sell our magazine for, and what to do with our profits. Join our Newsie team!

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